The Pyramid- Ghost Writer

How does a pyramid look like? To be very simple, it has a broad base and a narrow rather pointed top. The base is made up of a lot of stones or any other material (anything you think) and the top has just one or a mere part of one. It is the base that supports the layer above it and this chain of support goes on till the top, so logically saying there wouldn’t be a top layer without the base but there would be a base without a top layer.

How’s our system or daily life divided? Start breaking down everything and you’ll find yourself at either base or top of a pyramid or somewhere in between. Let’s take an example of our daily life. We have certain desires and goals which are our tip of the pyramid and to get to those we work hard establishing a base and then the layer above it and the one above it and so on and so forth till we are at the top of the pyramid i.e., we have achieved our goal. Another example is the system we face every day. There’s a clerk, a constable, a lawyer, a medical officer, a soldier who all represent the base of the pyramid, then there’s always someone senior to them and someone above the seniors and far up is the head of the department or institution or a leader who represents the top of the pyramid. If you find yourself not agreeing with me, simply take a task and analyze it. You’ll find yourself working towards the top of the pyramid.