Repression, Repression



We sat on the greenest and tallest hill. “How long has Darpana Existed?”

“Ever since you were in High school.” he answered with a straw dangling from his mouth.

“Means this is not real, you said you’re not going to help me and here you are dropping hints.” I said without looking at him, I was too busy enjoying the ‘figments’ of my imaginations.

“That is still irrelevent, the reality bit, I mean.” he smiled, obnoxiously.

“If this is my dark side, what will my happy side be like. ” I was curious.

“You mean to say you don’t remember Her?” he spat the straw, feigning surprise I’d imagine.

“Who?” I was genuinely surprised.

“I hate repressed memories. ” he shrugged.


“Don’t you think having a knowledgable guide in my own imagined world a bit of a cliche?” I ask as we moved across one of the micro creek systems.

“The fodder for your imagination is self loathing and a ton of cliches so I am not entirely surprised.” he replied.

“You said something about a ‘Her’, pity I can’t remember.”

“Pity she can’t forget you. ” he answered.

I felt nothing. It was hard feeling anything when there was no memory to back up the whole discussion.

The two moons rose high into the starry sky. Their orbit was so wrong, in the real world I would expect them to fizzle out of orbit but this was my world, physics could take a back seat. The micro streams teamed with shimmering points of thousand colours. It was hard to say if they were fish or gemstones. I wanted to reach down and touch them but the thought of the fragility of my woven world kept me from doing so.  I noticed time ran faster, we had entered deep into the night in what seemed to be a few moments. It was like being stuck in a RPG being run on all the supercomputers of the world combined. The experience was overwhelming.

I was going to like Darpana a lot.


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