The forest was behind us and so was the reality I knew.

“You are a very unwise man. You didn’t even care to ask what my name was. So let me spare you the trouble. My name is Abid. You may be thinking that I am a figment of your imagination. Well the answer is that I may and I may not. You have had enough breaks from reality with out knowing in the past few days. I don’t expect you to arrive at the answer so soon and I am not going to help you with the answer either. ”

“Why are we here, wherever here is.” I asked, finally composure returned. It was surprising to know that despite being emotionally bland, fear still found a way to creep into my situations. I got the worst deal in the package.

“Are you listening? The answers to those questions await us here. And ‘here’ is called DARPANA. Remember the name of this place other wise the natives will mind.”

“Natives? We have natives?”

“Of course how can such a beautiful place be left uninhabited? That is downright unfair. Well this is Darpana. This is the city that manifests from your repressed side. It has created some of the most beautiful imagery possible. I wanted to bring you here to let you know what a beautiful mind that you have and what you have been missing out thanks to your whining.” He ended his speech as he pointed to the grassy green hills ahead of us. They reminded me a lot of the Chocolate Hills of the Philippines, only these were greener. “You may want to hold your breath for the things to come. ”

Most of me was in denial. A part of me was in a bliss. That part of me was obviously the creator of this universe. The sky was the bluest shade (of, well, blue) that I had ever seen. The undulating horizon with two fading moons and the impeding dusk caught my heart. I wanted to reach out to the sky and to get some of the brilliant blue on my hands. The green around me was superb, small creeks that spread like a network in between the micro valleys between the hills created the most serene piece of melody that I had ever heard.

“Did you notice? Tell me you noticed!” he smiled again. I was growing tired of his smiling face but I was too happy to notice that.

“What?” I turned back to ask.

“Tears! Did you notice that you’re crying?”

“Shut up!” I sobbed.


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