Into the Foliage.

“So what are we up to today.” I tried to smile. I wanted to explain to him the fact that I didn’t feel emotions the way he did.

“Come with me.” he whispered.

He took me by the hand and we ventured deep into the foliage of our neighbourhood park. The moment we stepped into the treeline we were greeted by a gust of cold wind; it was June. This sent shivers down my spine. There was great darkness beyond the tree line. To my surprise there were banana trees in front of me, or so they seemed in the darkness. I turned out trying to see the pathway behind me, there was nothing but darkness behind me. I started to sweat, I believed I was having a dream. My heart started to vibrate like a cell phone, my face was probably white as a ghost. Dreams had never felt that way ever before.

“What is this place?” I gulped.

“Somewhere only we know.” he laughed as his nails bit into my arm. He was over doing it, I was never going to let go of his hand in this darkness.

“This is not possible…” I muttered as we got into the clearing in the woods.

He circled on the bald patch of forest and sat on a felled tree. “Have a seat, make your self comfortable. ” he mused like a seasoned psychiatrist.

“I am not lying down on this log, these ants, they are huge!” he shook my head. He didn’t notice by the nod was probably more of a shiver.

“They haven’t had interactions with any humans before, we don’t know how they may respond. It’s much of an ecological experiment as a psychological one.” This man was different. My face ditorted as a I tried to focus on his face.

“First tell me, is this a dream?” I asked.

“First tell me this, how is this question relevent?” he smiled.

“I am not sure if I want to continue of wake up.” I shrugged again and I circled the clearing again. Beyond the yonder I heard a squaw that belonged to a species that I didn’t recognize. The cool breeze got me again and I turned around as if some had slapped the nape of my neck. My temples began beating in unison with my trembling heart. Dizziness struck and I cradled my head into my arms as i sat on the ant infested log.

“Not sure where you are isn’t relevent. What is important is that this is how you see your world, at least emotionally. It’s a jungle that is full of darkness, unknown smells and sound. You are doing what a snail would do in such a condition; cower under a moldy rock until your primitive senses would allow you.” he explained as he brought is hand in front of his chest and started cycling it with the palm facing his chest.

“What is this place?” I folded like a crumpled sheet of paper and fell to the ground. ” Take me back, back to where we came from.”

“Where? You will have to wake up to go back where you came from. So far you and I are stuck here.” he said as if consoling me.

“Is this a dream?” I am not sure how many times I had asked the same question already.

“Come with me, I brought you here, in this special place and all you are doing is sticking to reality.” He smiled. He was being generous as it seemed, his eyes were laughing madly.

I said nothing and reached for his arm. He took a left turn and we turned into the foliage.


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