Hospitals, not Medical Colleges!

I found out yesterday that our consultants will be attending local private hospitals to attend to dengue patients admitted there. This I found very inconvenient. Who wouldn’t? This is effectively saying that the private hospitals and their standards of care are virtually non existent. The paradoxes regarding the decision piled up:

1- If the Private Hospitals are so incompetant, who is the fool who gave them licenses to operate.

2- What? Some have no license? Then who is the fool who has his eye closed to this issue?

3- If they exist, then well, they do. Don’t punish us if they may not be competent enough to handle the load.

4-A form of check and balance should exist to monitor their faulty practices. This is essentially shying away from the issue.

Well I have thought of more paradoxes than I can put on (e)paper. Admitidly the governement is trying all its best but it still seems that they are ignorant or oblivious to the working of hospitals.

Allow me to shed some light on the issue. WE NEED MORE HOSPITALS, NOT MEDICAL COLLEGES. Ofcourse, it goes without saying that a medical college can not exist without a teaching hospital but practically speaking all the teaching hospitals affiliated with these medical college fail miserably when it comes to serving and giving back to the community. In fact, they do such a bad job catering to the needs of their own students when it’s their turn to complete their house job. These students (in majority or minority, I don’t have the figures) flock the existing government hospitals in significant numbers. The private hospitals are doing a better job then these private teaching hospitals.

The dilemma became obvious during this dengue epidemic. I would like to have the opportunity to teach in these private medical colleges, but to practice clinical medicine is still a long shot.

The owners know the reasons to this all too well.


3 thoughts on “Hospitals, not Medical Colleges!

  1. thank GOD there are no educated intelligent people in the government to figure out solutions of problems so easily. how will the politician would be able to forgive themselves if a single plan worked on time and for good…. no, no, no……. our nation can tolerate every thing but not the shock of getting their problems solved easily and their life becoming happy.


    Kyun ham nalaikon ki degree ko laat maartay hain…

    Ye jo chotay chotay “do number” institute hain… ye agar naa hotay to mujh jaisay na-ahel sarrak kinaaray amrood becha kartay.

    Just Kidding BTW. (Appended for non-diplomatic reasons)

  3. Kiddo, more than 10 private medical institutes in the city of Lahore alone was my focus. There are more in the pipeline, I mean I know some 4 more hospitals who are considering their own medical colleges. In a city that couldn’t cater to its Dengue patients, in a society where less than 1% is spent on the health budget, in a country where there are more medical colleges then quality high schools, in a place where there are no training jobs for doctors, I call it a failure.

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