To Purpose…

I have sought out people, books, places and wealth at different times of my life. Now it all comes down to you. People get preoccupied.Books and what they account for gets old all the time, only to be replaced by newer works. The list of places I want to go is huge. Besides, the few places that I have visited from the list, didn’t turn out to be things that I sought. Wealth has always eluded and it will continue to elude me.

The thing remains, the thing that no one can take from me, an ultimate form of self, a complete opposite to the selflessness I am supposed to harbor, is you; Purpose.


One thought on “To Purpose…

  1. man has always been in the search of some thing un known, its never the things, places, books that fascinates man, its the search itself that gives him pleasure, once getting hold of some thing he will keep it in his nest like a bird and will fly again in search of new thing……..

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