5-The First Fight

As Sabir Bey was busy making mint tea for us, Trauer got busy checking Sabir’s desk.

“Why did you come to live here any way?” I popped the question.

“What?” he smiled without looking up at me.

“It’s been a month more or less. Through you I got to know the guys, all except for Rakh, we been having breakfast, lunch and dinner…”

“Don’t forget coffee.” he jested.

“The point is come on man, all these gray areas.” I protested.

“You’ve enjoyed it so far. What now?”

“Now I am almost shutting down my practice on one of your whims.” I blurted. I was upset, I have to admit but I didn’t know I was that angry.

His hands settled and he began to look up. He stared blankly.

“I am sorry, it’s too much. It’s not aquaintance any more, we’re taking a road trip to God knows where and only God knows for how long.” It didn’t occur to me at the time but this was our first fight.

“I didn’t know you’d feel this way.” he sounded disapointed.

“I don’t want to play Doctor Watson with you guys. I want it all to mean something.”

“Kid, trust me, you’ve got the best seat in the house.” he leaned on the desk with his hands biting on Sabirs documents. Apparently this was to be his only attempt at refuting my allegations.

“I am sorry. This talk didn’t end up the way I imagined. I am sorry.” I retreated; Trauer’s demeaner left me no option.

All of a sudden a smile sailed across his face. “Apology accepted.” he got back to checking the documents. No information offered, no pleasantries, no proverbial give and take and no acknowledgmment of wrong doing? For and moment I was filled with anger.Trauer knew this too but he continued to sift through Sabir’s stuff, cool as ice. I felt pathetic. No one is supposed to feel pathetic around friends. Despite all this I hung on with the group, to this day I don’t know why.

“The revolution is heating up.” Sabir entered with a tray of small glass cups filled to the brim with amber.

“I hear they rounded up a group of Koreans at the Southern exit, no harm done but any thing can go wrong. There is no other way across the river even if it is bone dry.” Trauer held up his cell phone. Who fed him all of these data?

“We needed a vacation anyway.” Sabir laughed as another explosion lightly thumped on the walls.

“Why don’t we sit this one out?” I suggested. All I got in return were the looks.

“Better let the rest of the crew gather before we decide on anything.” Trauer ordered. Thats right, my first friend in the city, my best friend for almost a month was now my defacto leader.

So much for the revolution.


2 thoughts on “5-The First Fight

  1. who is Traurer? question asked by Hafiz ! (u know tayyab how wud he had asked u “yaar tayyab bata de yaar..abhi bata de yaar” ) :p

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