I named my fictional town FarAwayDowns after a ranch in the movie “Australia“, starring Hugh Jackman. I thought of adding a few characters and places from my own experience. A tribute of sorts. This is dedicated especially to my friends. Every one since primary school.

FarAwayDowns a place where anything is possible. It’s a place populated by incurable romantics, tireless travelers, learned hermits, lost souls and what not. No one really knows when or how this town came to be. Some call it a magical place, others call it a macabre personification of purgatory. It all depends on perspective. It is a magical place for me. It changes with my mood. The lost souls that populate its streets pay no attention to me or its denizens. Some roam in their misery, some stumble hither and tither, drunk in splendor and grandeur of their delusions. Yet there are others, complacent and quite content with their time in FarAwayDowns.

Welcome, you will be hearing a lot about this place in these pages.


5 thoughts on “FarAwayDowns

  1. hahaha thats a good refuge . i think everyone should have a memory town where he can go to be the king. make things right . though some might even create torture cells there …..

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